Hunch is your new secret weapon.

Come love ad automation with us.

You’ve seen this before, right?  


Each of those boxes in the image below represents a ton of questions your team goes through on a daily / weekly basis.


When you look at your funnel, what is it that you want know.


You want to know how successful your paid marketing efforts are. You want to quickly get feedback on which ads are helping you convert users, and which are not.  


You want to get creative, bid strategy, conversion, and ROAS answers without wasting hours on them.


But, you and your team spend a ton of time in your native advertising apps trying to optimize your acquisition strategy.


In your quest to scale campaigns, do you sometimes get lost in the routine and redundant tasks of uploading, editing, tweaking and forget what was it that you wanted to optimize?


Is clutching a latte while trying to figure out your Facebook Ads, Adwords, and Twitters Ads, and Conversion data not helping?


We get it. You live and die by your ad funnel strategy. Your paid acquisition experiments are the backbone of your business and it’s disheartening to see you spend time slaving to the meaningless tasks in native ad business apps.


We had the exact same issue. Again and again.


Sooo.  We asked a simple questions?



What if you could automate the most boring parts of paid campaign management and have more time for strategy and creative?


I mean let’s face it. A very small percentage of intelligent life form on this planet earth really enjoys uploading creatives, changing copy on a thousands images, and manually tweaking each ad.


All. Day. Long.


We know who they are. But let’s not point fingers.


We don’t. We just need to scale our ads and creatives for our audience. So we built a hypothesis. Tested it with our peers. And are now launching it.


We’re calling it Hunch — cuz that’s all we normally relied on anyway.


Except, unlike your intuition, Hunch is your powerful but super simple advertising automation service that constantly monitors, adjusts, and improves your performance marketing metrics. From optimizing ROAS to automating your weekly and monthly alerts on non-performing ads.


Hunch is about to make you really, really good at your job.


And the best part?


You don’t have to harass your creative team or ad specialists to use it.


Here are some results you can expect within your first month of using Hunch:


 Faster campaign optimization using advanced automation

Scale your advertising efforts

● 20 hrs per month freed with Automated Alerts and Reports



Your ad data works for you, not the other way around.



In a constantly changing advertising environment, staying on top of what works is hard. With Hunch you can stop spending time on redundant tasks and focus your efforts on those tasks that will yield the highest results.


We are you partner at automating and optimizing your advertising at scale.

About the Author

Sinisa Rakovic is the CEO & Founder of Hunch

About Hunch


Hunch was born while running one of the most successful online marketplaces targeted for international students.


One day, after implementing a new sales and marketing stack that included Facebook, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and others we realized quickly paid advertising was constantly changing.


Who’s converting? Where are they coming from? How can we get more of them?


We knew there were really important answers hidden somewhere in those apps. Problem was, we didn’t see us spending our lifetime slaving to the tools we were already paying to do the work for us.


There was no tool that could help us The Performance Marketer. So, we built our own intelligent data advertising assistant: Hunch.


Our team envisions a world in which performance marketing is automated and becomes available to every team. We bringing together years of best practice and unique experience in building technology backed online businesses.


We’re constantly improving, testing, adding features, and making Hunch smarter.



We’re making Hunch do the busy work. So you don’t have to.

Ready to scale your advertising?