Acquire & Grow Faster with Automation.

Strategy, not busy work.

Instead of wasting time on campaign busy work like editing, pausing, and monitoring ads, with Hunch, teams get more time to focus on strategy.

Hunch replaces your routine tasks with rules.

Your secret tactics, automated.

e.g. If CPA is better than your target > Scale up ad budget

So, your ads and budgets get optimized.

Hunch does the work 24/7. You get the credit.

e.g. If my CPI < expected, bring on the cavalry

And you can focus more time on strategy.

What would you do with an extra 1/2 day per week?

e.g. Take your creative team out for Sushi and Sake bombs

You can also monitor all of your accounts across networks and send custom alerts and reports to Slack.

So you never overspend or underspend again.

Create custom rules and triggers based on performance and automate actions.

e.g. If CPA is better than your target > Scale up ad budget

And keep an eye on key performance metrics.

CTRs, CPC, CPI, ROAS, CPA custom alerts

And you’ll be able to manage and scale your campaigns all in one place.

Start automating your workflow and scale your campaigns today.