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  • TEAM

  • $49/Mo
  • Unlimited Users

    1,000 Tracked Reports

    Anomaly Detection

    5 Admins


  • $250/Mo
  • Unlimited Users & Reports

    Anomaly Detection

    10 Admins

✓ Unlimited Answers

✓ Unlimited Users

✓ 1 Admin

✓ 10 Tracked Metrics

✓ Unlimited Answers

✓ Unlimited Users

✓ 5 Admins

✓ 100 Data Discovery Insights

✓ 1,000 Tracked Metrics

✓ Customer Success Manager

✓ Unlimited Answers

✓ Unlimited Users

✓ 10 Admins

✓ Unlimited Data Discovery

✓ Unlimited Tracked Metrics

✓ Customer Success Manager

✓ Custom Data Audit

✓ Premium Support

✓ 20hrs Training Included

✓ Dedicated Analytics Analyst

✓ Custom Workflow Automation Setup

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hunch user?

A Hunch user is anyone that has been given access to ask Hunch questions in Slack.

What is and Admin?

An Admin manages all reports, channels, and users that have access to Hunch.

What are Tracked Metrics?

Hunch helps you learn about your data. When you ask Hunch a question like “How many visitors from Germany last month?” you get an answer. If you choose to keep an eye on this metric, you can Track the metric which will get reported daily, weekly, or monthly.

What are Data Discovery Insights?

Hunch constantly monitors and analyzes the data that it has access to. Just like your data analyst would. When Hunch discovers something is worth reporting, like a spike in visitors from a specific city, or a drop in conversions, you get a ‘Smart Report’.

What are answers?

When you ask Hunch a question, like “How signups from”, Hunch gives you an answer. So, any data that Hunch sends you is considered an answer.

How do I get a demo?

Hunch is super simple to setup and use. But if you feel like you’d like to see it in action first, we’d be happy to do that. Send us an email with for the demo to

Can I try Hunch before I buy?

Yes. Hunch is free to try out.

How easy is it to get Hunch setup?

Super simple. Just click on the Add to Slack button on our home page, and the process will take less than 2 minutes. Once you have the basic setup complete, you can check out our to get all the best practice for workflow automation using Hunch.

How many reports and admins will I'll need?

Hunch grows as your team grows. So, you can start with the lowest package and see how many reports you will need. Most of our clients quickly outgrow the first option.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our goal is to make you happy. You can cancel at any time and won’t be billed for subsequent months.